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The newest launched in late 2016. Here’s how the site has evolved over the years:

1997 – First

Many created to promote the golf course, we also had our list of 7,000 new and used golf clubs: from 1997

1998: Power Ti Pod

Not much changed in 1998, but we would be remiss if we didn’t pay homage to our exclusive distributorship of the Power Ti Pod! in 2998

2000: Online Shop Created

We were finally able to sell online in 2000. Plus, if you spent $275 you got a free umbrella! We may need to look into bringing that promo back. in 2000

2003: Featuring Our New Golf Shop in Westerville

Customers could also book tee times online for the first time. in 2003


2006: Scotty Cameron Becomes Focus of Homepage

A major redesign put the golf course deeper into the website and our online store became the homepage. in 2006

2008: Major Redesign

2008 was our biggest redesign to date, with a complete rebuild of the back end. in 2008

2015: New

In 2014, a new website was created strictly for the golf course. We then changed the homepage to this website to clearly send the reader in the right direction.


2017: Table Rock Distributing in 2017

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